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From Thousands of Monthly Visitors to Millions, We're Here to Support You

While Google Analytics shows you what's happening on your website, Gfixi Analytics will show you why, in seconds! You're so close to getting data-backed recommendations that are comprehensive, compelling, and undeniable.

  • Visitor Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • UX/UI Audits
  • Referrals Clicks
  • User Engagement
  • Optimized Visitor Data
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Analyze Ranking Data for Free With Our AI API

Gain free access to the global rank of your website and your competitors' websites with Gfixi Analytics API. Simply enter your name and email in the form below, and we will get back to you.

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    Geography & Country Targeting

    Identify the geographic location of a site's core audience over the last month.

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    Audience Interests

    Audience interests reveal key details on the browsing interests of website's visitors

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    Traffic and Engagement

    Reveal how well a website meets visitor expectations and captures their interest.

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    Free Try

    Limited results per month. Many more API endpoints are available in our premium packages.

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    Advanced Tchnology

    Over 1M users rely upon Gfixi Analytics data as the official measure of the digital web.

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    Reliable data

    Derived from over 10M daily digital signals.


Our Professionals Services For You

The Digital Marketing Intelligence Toolkit to Grow Your Website Traffic.

Competitive analysis

Allocate marketing resources wisely based on your competitors paid activities and your traffic share

Referral research

Discover new referral opportunities and grow your market share for existing ones

Ads research

Reveal your competitors search ads, Video Ads for any given time period and location

Simple Optimization Insights

Gfixi Analytics AI works at its best by combining large amounts of data sets with fast

The Observation

Our user session recording tool revealed that a high percentage of potential customers were checking out the information

Gfixi Analytics tools

The best way to see what visitors are doing on your website.

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